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Our Jambal Roti fish is the Jambal fish of choice. when cooked it will be very tempting aroma and delicious for you to consume.

We accept orders in large quantities. contact us via our shop short message. Thank You.

If you feel like cooking salted fish but want to reduce the level of saltiness, you can soak it in warm water mixed with enough salt to lift the salt content in the fish.

The fish that are the basic ingredients for the manufacture of our salted fish are selected from the best fish quality standards and managed with good quality and quality maintenance standards.

Our products are also found in several supermarkets in the Jakarta and Java areas

Total Energy : 80 Kcal.

Energy From Fat : 10 Kcal.

Total Fat : 1.5 Gram

Protein : 16 Gram

Total Carbohydrate : 1 Gram

Sodium : 1460 Mg


Place of Origin : Indonesia

Drying Process : 100% dry in the sun

Variety : Commerson Anchovy

Weight (kg) : 10 or 13kgs/carton

Additives : Salt

Max. Moisture (%) : 28% – 40%

Part : Body, whole

Preservation Process : Salt

Size (cm) : 4-6cm

Style : Dried

Feature : Low-Carb, Trans-Fat Free, Low-Sugar, Non-Nicotine, Low-Fat

Grade : 1

Shelf Life : 24 months

Shape : Piece

Product name : Dried Anchovy

Color : Natural color (brownish gray yellow)

Name of fish : Anchovy

Characteristic : No food preservatives, no chemical

Type : With head and headless anchovies

Packaging Details : In bulk, as customer requirements


Place of Origin : Indonesia

Brand Name : Dried stock fish

Drying Process : VF

Variety : Toothed Cod

Weight (kg) : 25

Additives : None

Freezing Process : IQF

Max. Moisture (%) : 3

Part : WHOLE

PH Value : 15

Preservation Process : Water

Size (cm) : 13-30

Style : Dried

Feature : Low-Sugar, Non-Nicotine, Low-Fat, Low-Sodium

Packaging : Vacuum Pack, Bulk

Grade : A

Shelf Life : 12 months

Shape : Piece


Type : Shrimp, Salted/ without Salt

Variety : Baby Shrimp

Style : Dried

Processing Type : CHOPPED

Packaging : Bulk

Drying Process : AD

Shelf Life : 2 years

Weight (kg) : 1

Place of Origin : Indonesia

Product name : Dried Baby Shirm

Color : Natural Color

Size : 0.7cm-1.5cm

Grade : High Quality