Taiba Commodity


PT Taiba Komoditi Indonesia is present as a provider of native Indonesian commodities originating from all regions in Indonesia. Starting from PT Taiba Cococha Indonesia which is engaged in the sale and provider of coconut charcoal briquettes for export markets abroad, especially to Middle Eastern countries. The high demand for exports for other products, such as native Indonesian commodities, has made us also moved to advance the commodity industry in Indonesia, help regional MSMEs and participate in driving the economy in rural areas by prioritizing quality and quality control, providing the best results for the market. export to foreign countries.

We started with some superior commodity materials which have become a global market demand, in the future we will increase the number of superior products, improve the quality of our products and services by increasing our reach and network to the eastern regions of Indonesia. Reach more overseas markets, assist global exporters and introduce Indonesia more broadly to global markets.

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H. Fauzan Kamil, Lc MA

President Director



PT Taiba Commodities Indonesia are commited to strive by serving our customer with maximum effort and total dedication. With our quality resources, network of suppliers for export goods, quality control production team and solid shipping management team. Those factors makes us optimistic that we can fulfill the needs and demand of our customers, and compete globally. We will always continue to innovate, working with our core values, working professionaly to meet the deadline, and keep developing ourselves for our customers satisfaction.

-- Owner & CEO PT Taiba Cococha Indonesia


To be the best commodity provider company in indonesia


  • Providing commodities with the best quality and service to our customers
  • Continue to multiply the types of commodities that are ready for export for mutual progress
  • Innovate and improve the quality of products and services to face global challenges