Taiba Commodity



Region : Sumatera

Grade : 1

Process : Full Washed (Wet Hulled)

Defect Value : 1-5%

Moisture : <13%

Certificate : Fairtrade, Organic EU, USDA

Raw Material : Red Coffee Cherry, Full Washed Processed

Screen Size : >16 (6,5 mm)

Varieties : Mixed Variety (Most Tim Tim, Cattura, HDT. Lini S, Gayo I, Gayo II)

Altitude (meters) : 1200 masl – 1600 masl

Characteristics : Light earthy notes balanced with full body and a smooth aftertaste, mild acidity, a combination of spice and sweetness, and some elegant fruit notes


Region : Tanah Toraja Highland, South Sulawesi.

Grade : 1

Processing Method : Wash (Wet Hulled)

Defect Value : <5%

Screen Size : >16 (6,5mm)

Moisture : 12.5%

Variety : LINI S 795

Altitude (meters) : 1000m – 1700m altitude, unfertile to fertile volcanic soil, medium dry climate, very near

Optimal Rainfall : 1500 – 3500 mm

Optimal Temperature : 13-27 Celcius Degree

Method of Harvest : Hand-picked

Characteristics : Excellent aroma and coffee flavor, high acidity and medium body. Balance bitter hints

Packing : PP Bags 50kg or According to your requirement


Grade : Speciality

Region : Flores, Flores Bajawa – East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Grade : 1

Process : Full Washed (Wet Hulled)

Defect Value : 1 %

Moisture : Max 12 %

Raw Material : Green Beans

Screen Size : 7

Varieties : Arabica

Altitude (meters) : 1000 masl – 1550 masl

Tasting Notes : Chocolaty, Nutty, Tobacco Flavor, Mid Body

Characteristics : The entire chemical process of growing Flores coffee, is carried out through an organic process or does not use. So that the quality can be guaranteed and the taste of this coffee becomes stronger and fragrant. At harvest time, Flores coffee will have a grayish green color and the post-harvest process is usually processed wet or dried. The characteristics that exist in Flores coffee are more sweet or have a sweet sensation, on it there is a balance or medium, as well as a caramel taste, as well as chocolate, helzanut, macadamia nuts, even herbal flavors in it and full body. With the characteristics possessed by Flores coffee, so the number of enthusiasts is also increasing.

Packing : Jute Bag & Plastic Sacks PP Bags 50kg or According to your requirement


Region : Sumatera and Java

Raw Material : Arabika / Robusta

Characteristics : Luwak coffee is the best and the most expensive in the world. the only best coffee seeds quality combined with a special taste, low cafein, natural fermented in the civet bodies ans modern packing make kopi luwak product be the the right choice for the coffee lovers.

Screen Size : >16 (6,5mm)

Raw Material : Wild Civet Coffee (Red Coffe)

Packing : Exclusive Gift Box (Ground & Roasted) or According to your requirement


Region : Bali

Grade : 1

Processing Method : Fully Washed

Moisture : <12.5%

Screen size : 16 (6,5 mm)

Altitude (meters) : 900 MASL

Defects : <11%

Varieties : Arabica Kintamani green beans

Characteristics : the aroma of coffee grounds that has a sweet impression, a slight aroma of spices and the taste is the smell of orange/orange

Packing : Grainpro 60kg PP or According to your requirement


Product Type : Black Tea

Region : Indonesia

Grade : High quality

Style : Bagged Tea

Processing Type : Double-Fermented

Shelf Life : 5 years

Age : 1 – 2 Years

Specialty : Health Tea


Packaging: 25g,100g,125g,200g,250g,500g,1000g for paper box.

1KG,5KG,20KG,40KG for wooden case.

30KG,40KG,50KG for plastic bag or gunny bag.